Since many days I wanted to talk about this and today I will.

People are still hesitant to utter this word. Then why don’t they hesitate to commit this Inhuman Crime!!??

Yes I’m talking about RAPE.

Yes I’m not Ashamed or Hesitant to talk about this.


Society plays a big part in this, you will ask… why!!??

He raped her.

HE raped her.

Then why does this so called society looks at her,

Like a dirt.

Like a criminal.

Like an outcast.

Like a filth.

It’s high time that this society starts treating him the way he is.

He is a dirt.

He is a criminal.

He is an outcast.

He is a filth.


But No, for this “society”

It’s always her fault.

It’s always her who is talked about.


Nirbhaya was raped.

Nirbhaya is fighting for her life.

Nirbhaya is taken to Singapore for treatment.

Nirbhaya Died.

A candle march for Nirbhaya.




Do you even know the names of Nirbhaya’s rapists!!??

FOCUS on Rapists.


No offence, but this case was 1 in 1000 that got to see the light, but unfortunately there are many who are still in the dark and they will be in the dark.

Even if the cases are filed, the rape victim is treated like a criminal during inquiries and interrogations, as if it was her fault that she got raped.

Type of clothes and length of clothes are not the qualification criteria for being raped.


SKIRTS and SARIS – both are hunted down,

by that Malignant Eyesight and Twisted Mindset…


Why the rapists have the Luxury to hide their faces!!?? Expose them to the world.


किसीको मुंह दिखाने लायक नहीं रही ये लड़की ।

इज्ज़त लूट गई इसकी ।

ज़िन्दगी बरबाद हो गयी इसकी ।

काला धब्बा लग गया उसके पूरे परिवार पर ।

People should stop uttering these kind of nonsense. It you can’t give her the support and strength to fight this, then keep quiet. Don’t abuse her mentally by this again and again. You are abusing-

Her soul,

Her self confidence,

Her self esteem,

Her will to live.


बोलना ही है, तो ये बोलो-

किसीको मुंह दिखाने लायक नहीं रहा ये लड़का ।

इज्ज़त लूटा दी उसने अपनी ।

ज़िन्दगी को खुद ही बरबादी के रास्ते पर ले गया ।

कालिक पोन्त दी अपने पूरे परिवार पर ।


There are two types of men.

I feel immense RAGE towards the Rapists. But on the other hand,

I feel immense RESPECT towards those Gentelmen who accept the rape survivors as their life partner…


रेप करने से तुम मर्द नहीं,

दुनिया के सबसे बड़े “नामर्द” बनते हो ।।


She fought,

She survived,

She lived

& She inspired…


I believe that,


What do you think!!??



Greens turning to Oranges 

Crunching sounds under your feet, 

Saying Goodbye… to the heat.

Crazy winds & Rustling of the leaves,

Nature has something under the sleeves.

Basking in the morning Sun, 

That’s when the smiles return.

Cold mornings & hot coffee, 

Perfect treat for minds that are foggy.

Greens turning to Oranges,

Beautiful are these changes.

Here comes the Autumn, 

Let the past be forgotten.

Old is making it’s way for the New,

Then why don’t we change our View ??!!

– Aish Says 


Those buzzing Alarm Clocks,

That struggle between waking up & snooze,

Not having an extra minute to sit & eat calmly.

The rush to reach somewhere,

That traffic jam on the roads.

Busy mornings in the work,

Then those 30 minutes of Lunch.

This repeats almost Everyday,

Like a REPLAY.

Have you ever thought of Pausing this??

Have you ever stopped to observe your surroundings?? 

Chirping birds on the trees,

A Puppy slowly opening it’s eyes to welcome a new day,

That calmness of the early mornings,

The breeze which carries a new melody everyday,

Blossoming flowers which brings the new hope,

That old couple passing by while spreading sweet smiles on the way,

Doing nothing but soaking up those first sunrays,

Taking leisure walks in the park, just because you want to,

Slow sips of coffee without being caged by the time,

Allowing yourself to be the most Lazy person in the world for a day,

Not searching your cell phone for the first thing in the morning….

Do anything like this,



– Aish Says 

Black & White…. Dark or Light ?!?  

Today doesn’t define your Forever… 

It will pass, it is just a day.

It will definitely get better Someday…

Don’t act spontaneously & irrationally. 

The Blade

Don’t use it to slit your Wrists,

Use it to cut your Depression. 

The Pills

Don’t swallow it,

Spit it out.

The Gun

Don’t kill Yourself,

Kill your Negative Thoughts. 

The Rope

Don’t use it around your Neck,

Use it to Climb the Mountains of Achievements. 

The Height 

Don’t use it to Fall Down, 

Instead reach to a certain level that Nothing can Bring You Down.

Just hold on for a while.

If you are Feeling Alone,

Talk to Anyone, but TALK.

Don’t keep it Inside…

Have you ever thought of the Aftermath?? 

Your mother will hold your photo & mourn.

Your father will become emotionless. 

Your sibling may follow your footsteps.

Your best friend will slip into depression. 

Your absence affects everyone around you

& even if you are alone, Life is worth Living.

Just one stupid thought of yours

& Your Peace has Torn Apart everyone around you into Pieces….

There is Nothing Romantic about Death… 

You have to decide, how you want to live…

By Chance or By Choice ??

You want to Break Down or to Get a Break Through ?? 

You want to Throw your life or Grow through your life ?? 

A Quick Escape or A Permanent Solution ??

To be a Memory or to have a Memorable Life ??    




Her & Him 

She was sitting on the swing in the early morning,

Events of the previous night still alive in her mind. 

Why only her & not him? 
Why it’s 8 pm for her & 12 am for him?

Why it’s Dupatta for her & Sando for him?

Why it’s Kitchen for her & Office for him?

Why it’s an Imprecation for her & Liberation for him?

Why it’s always her, who faces the judgements of the society by the lengths of her clothes & not him?

Why its always her, who becomes an object of staring & not him?

Why it’s always her, who doesn’t even get to see the world & not him?

She is the one who goes through the Pregnancy and Labour Pain, yet you expect her to go through the Tubectomy too!!?? & Him, not even Vasectomy!!? 

There is more than what meets the eye.
There is more than what you think is right.

I’m the Lucky one but This is the Situation in the Some Parts of the world.
Let’s Change it… 

Let’s Equal it…

Let’s Balance it…

This Gender Discrimination needs to STOP.

We are the SAME or it’s a SHAME…!!??  


Allow Yourself to be Strong,

And then you will find something,

Something new to cherish. 

The Chaos going around you,

Will be Your Guide,

Allow them to be.

Like trees in the Thunder,

You will withstand the Storm,

You will Grow.

Try Try and Try,

Even if You Fall,

Rise Up & Stand Tall.

Come out of the Safe cocoon

& Be a Butterfly,

So that You can Fly. 

Don’t be afraid of unknown circumstances,

No one stays the same always,

You won’t be the only one to Change.

A New You,

A Better You,

But still “YOU”…. 

-by Aishwarya Radia