Black & White…. Dark or Light ?!?  

Today doesn’t define your Forever… 

It will pass, it is just a day.

It will definitely get better Someday…

Don’t act spontaneously & irrationally. 

The Blade

Don’t use it to slit your Wrists,

Use it to cut your Depression. 

The Pills

Don’t swallow it,

Spit it out.

The Gun

Don’t kill Yourself,

Kill your Negative Thoughts. 

The Rope

Don’t use it around your Neck,

Use it to Climb the Mountains of Achievements. 

The Height 

Don’t use it to Fall Down, 

Instead reach to a certain level that Nothing can Bring You Down.

Just hold on for a while.

If you are Feeling Alone,

Talk to Anyone, but TALK.

Don’t keep it Inside…

Have you ever thought of the Aftermath?? 

Your mother will hold your photo & mourn.

Your father will become emotionless. 

Your sibling may follow your footsteps.

Your best friend will slip into depression. 

Your absence affects everyone around you

& even if you are alone, Life is worth Living.

Just one stupid thought of yours

& Your Peace has Torn Apart everyone around you into Pieces….

There is Nothing Romantic about Death… 

You have to decide, how you want to live…

By Chance or By Choice ??

You want to Break Down or to Get a Break Through ?? 

You want to Throw your life or Grow through your life ?? 

A Quick Escape or A Permanent Solution ??

To be a Memory or to have a Memorable Life ??    





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