Those buzzing Alarm Clocks,

That struggle between waking up & snooze,

Not having an extra minute to sit & eat calmly.

The rush to reach somewhere,

That traffic jam on the roads.

Busy mornings in the work,

Then those 30 minutes of Lunch.

This repeats almost Everyday,

Like a REPLAY.

Have you ever thought of Pausing this??

Have you ever stopped to observe your surroundings?? 

Chirping birds on the trees,

A Puppy slowly opening it’s eyes to welcome a new day,

That calmness of the early mornings,

The breeze which carries a new melody everyday,

Blossoming flowers which brings the new hope,

That old couple passing by while spreading sweet smiles on the way,

Doing nothing but soaking up those first sunrays,

Taking leisure walks in the park, just because you want to,

Slow sips of coffee without being caged by the time,

Allowing yourself to be the most Lazy person in the world for a day,

Not searching your cell phone for the first thing in the morning….

Do anything like this,



– Aish Says 


8 thoughts on “Break The HIERARCHY…

  1. micro observation into the world of uncouncious requirments of any person “alive” …….
    engagd in busy schedule ,we miss to enjoy the lap of mother ….. eating food without letting it mix with more saliva and missng the feel of pure taste …….u obsrvd grt….n “impressive”

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    the line with a meaning
    can make smile on lots of faces …. if it can b followed..
    that smile can make ur day less like a REPLAY….

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  3. Its a bitter truth now a days what you said.
    One has to think it seriously. I would be happy , had part of your thoughts I could implement in my life. CHERITY BEGINS AT HOME.

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