Her & HimĀ 

She was sitting on the swing in the early morning,

Events of the previous night still alive in her mind. 

Why only her & not him? 
Why it’s 8 pm for her & 12 am for him?

Why it’s Dupatta for her & Sando for him?

Why it’s Kitchen for her & Office for him?

Why it’s an Imprecation for her & Liberation for him?

Why it’s always her, who faces the judgements of the society by the lengths of her clothes & not him?

Why its always her, who becomes an object of staring & not him?

Why it’s always her, who doesn’t even get to see the world & not him?

She is the one who goes through the Pregnancy and Labour Pain, yet you expect her to go through the Tubectomy too!!?? & Him, not even Vasectomy!!? 

There is more than what meets the eye.
There is more than what you think is right.

I’m the Lucky one but This is the Situation in the Some Parts of the world.
Let’s Change it… 

Let’s Equal it…

Let’s Balance it…

This Gender Discrimination needs to STOP.

We are the SAME or it’s a SHAME…!!??